Urban Wineries and Xcellent Food: The Urban Wine Xperience

Grab your friends for an outdoor celebration of East Bay wineries and restaurants at the Urban Wine Xperience on August 2nd between 1 pm and 5 pm.  This is a rare opportunity to explore over 20 urban wineries and over … –> please click here to continue reading –>

Current Favorites For Wine Tasting in the East Bay

San Francisco residents and visitors should realize that there is a wonderful destination for wine tasting just past the eastern end of the Bay Bridge.  More than 20 enthusiastic, knowledgeable and skilled urban winemakers live and work in family-owned wineries … –> please click here to continue reading –>

Urban Wine Xperience: Oakland, Here It Comes…

Are you familiar with the Urban Wineries over in San Francisco’s East Bay and their Urban Wine Xperience?   If not, we’ve got a fun way to get to know them.  On July 27th, the 2013 Urban Wine Xperience is just waiting … –> please click here to continue reading –>