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Napa Valley, home of Two Guys From NapaWe’re just two guys from Napa Valley that love food, wine, and travel.

After visiting over 900 tasting rooms around the world, we wanted to share the benefits of our experiences with others.  When researching upcoming vacations, we sometimes wish someone knowledgeable had already carved out the most interesting, fun, and worthwhile options for us to focus our attention on.  There is a lot of advice out there on which individual bottles of wine to buy from around the world.  We want to know how to best enjoy ourselves while visiting a wine country region (tasting rooms, restaurants, other fun things in the area).

The intent of the Two Guys From Napa website is to try and provide that wine country travel advice to others.  We hope to make planning your next trip to the wine country, whichever one that is, easier.  If we suggest a place, it’s because we’ve been there ourselves and can personally recommend the experience.  So if you are seeking help on finding the right Napa winery or Sonoma winery for you, please look around our website.

We would love to hear back from you about your favorites, and whether or not our ideas were helpful.  If there is a topic we haven’t written about yet that you wish we would, tell us!

You’ll find links to our recommendations, based on region, by going to our Favorites by Wine Region page.  These listings are currently focused on California wine regions, but we’ve also described experiences in other locations in our postings.  In addition to our recommendations here, you can also find us on social media under @TwoGuysFromNapa.

You can add comments to the appropriate pages, or email the Two Guys From Napa at: