Pinot Noir Recommendations: Favorites from the 2017 World of Pinot Noir

If you’re looking for Pinot Noir recommendations, or winery suggestions for your next wine tasting trip, we spent a few days tasting wines from over 200 wineries earlier this month at the World of Pinot Noir and we’re eager to … –> please click here to continue reading –>

Wines from Willamette: Recent Recommendations

If you aren’t already familiar with Oregon wines, it’s a prime time to begin that education. We attended a wonderful wine tasting in San Francisco last week sponsored by the Willamette Valley Wineries Association so we can recommend specific wines … –> please click here to continue reading –>

Finding New Favorites: Recommendations from the 2015 World of Pinot Noir

We had a wonderful time at the 15th annual World of Pinot Noir (WOPN) earlier this month, enjoying copious amounts of high quality Pinot Noirs enhanced by delicious food and classic Southern California weather. Pinot Noir producers and lovers from around the world converged … –> please click here to continue reading –>

Pinot Noir and Ocean Air: The 2013 World of Pinot Noir

Earlier this month, we enjoyed two days surrounded by sun, surf, great food, and an enormous amount of high quality Pinot Noirs.  That’s right, we were at the 2013 World of Pinot Noir in Shell Beach.  With about 200 wineries … –> please click here to continue reading –>

Pinot in the City by the Bay – Oregon Pinot Noirs come to San Francisco

The Willamette Valley Wineries Association is making the rounds.  After sponsoring popular events in Portland, Seattle, and New York, the Association is bringing its “Pinot in the City” showcase to San Francisco.   If you love Pinot Noir, you shouldn’t miss … –> please click here to continue reading –>