And so it begins…

Welcome to the Two Guys From Napa website!

Our goal is to make planning your next trip to the wine country, whichever one that is, easier.  If we recommend a place, it’s because we’ve been there ourselves and can personally recommend the experience.  We’ve also been to many food and wine events, and want to help make your experiences at those events more enjoyable based on what did and didn’t go well for us.

Our initial focus will be on Napa and Sonoma Counties, and then we will branch out to include other wine regions.

We would love to hear back from you about your favorites, whether or not our ideas were helpful, and where you think we should go on a future trip.  If there is a topic we haven’t written about yet that you wish we would, tell us!

You can add comments to the appropriate pages on our website, or you can email us directly at:

Welcome Aboard!



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